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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dwyer 17-5-9 NBA - GS, Cavs, Boxing - Expect Joshua to Vacate WBA Belt

1 comment:

Andrew Quinn said...

Hi Dwyer , love watching your videos and listening to your views and tips , I understand that the comments you make on fighters are constructive and they are also based on the best gambling perspective .
I am British and yep a big fan of Anthony Joshua , I take on board that Joshua is very flat footed and we also know his heavier weight didn't do him any favors in the Klitchko fight , but also I would like to point out like you probably are,aware too the reason why he gassed out in the 5th was because he punched himself out trying to finish Klitchko which also made him very vulnerable for himself to be floored in the 6th too ,but in my opinion this won't happen again as he is on a learning curve , but I do agree with you that Ortiz is a fight his team and promoter will not let him face as Ortiz is far to dangerous for Joshua to fight just yet and you are right it looks like Joshua will vacate the WBA .
I personally think you could make a great trainer in the sport Dwyer and I mean that and not bring sarcastic .
Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your videos.
Best Wishes Andy Quinn �� .

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