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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fight Week - Carl Froch v. Lucian Bute - Dwyer / GamblersAdvisory.Com - YouTube

Fight Week - Carl Froch v. Lucian Bute - Dwyer / GamblersAdvisory.Com - YouTube:

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1 comment:

dsimon3387 said...

Dear Dwyer

Trying to find a way to leave you some constructive comments without the damn limitations on utube!!

I made some comments about the Froch Bute fight on the video thread I would encourage you to take a look, on that note I would encourage you to contrast this with the Ward Froch fight. An elite fighter like Ward has some things he does to ensure success, among them:
a) Ward has his weight foward so he can meet Froch "a swarmer" in the gap and shut him down before Froch has him off his back foot. Ward also uses that shoulder roll and lateral movement to make Froch miss in the gap before Froch is on top of him....this lets a fighter back off from a swarmer or fight him inside as opposed to being on the back foot, pushed to the ropes and having to react to a volume of punches with no place to go.

b) Ward has the speed and power to make his punches count...Look at the first Moore Hollyfield fight. Moore while never a great heavy was an elite fighter as a middle how he takes apart Holly in the gaps before Hollyfield can get him going backwards towards the ropes.... Again that gap looms large and a real puncher can stop a swarmer and take advantage of extension on the punches.

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